Votech - the market's easiest to use meeting and voting solution for in-person, remote and hybrid meetings

Have you been looking for an easy to use, trustworthy and functioning meeting and voting solution for your organisation?

With Votech's meeting and voting solution, you can run your organisation's face-to-face, remote, hybrid meetings and voting smoothly without any technological hassles.

Votech is a secure and reliable Finnish service provider. We work in partnership with Microsoft Teams.

Meetings can be LIVE streamed, and the option of using Google Meets or Zoom is possible as well.

We offer our software solution, as well as full service option for organising your meeting.

Our solution and service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.


Why Votech is the best meeting and voting solution

Votech's meeting and voting solution enables legal decision making, elections, and voting in companies and associations in-person, remote and hybrid meetings.

Votech's solution:

Makes it easier and quicker to execute a meeting

Is safe and trustworthy

Minimises the meeting costs and time used to travel back and forth to meetings

Voting results are instantly ready after voting has been completed

Attending a meeting remotely saves attendees time

Meeting documents are all available in one place

Supports companies or organisations sustainable goals, which can also be taken into consideration in your companies ESG reports.

specific requests?

Do you have specific requests for a meeting service? Tell us about them, and lets build the world's best meeting solution together

Votech - solution will be released in spring 2022

We will be further developing our meeting solution with our customers. And we have been customising our software to our customers specific needs.

Tell us about your meeting challenges for which you seek a solution for.

Don't hesitate to contact us, there's no day like today!


What are Votech's most important functions

Own branded webpage for the meeting and voting taking place including

ability to look at meeting materials prior to and during the meeting,

a link to the meeting via Teams, Zoom or Google Meets,

voting and election functions,

participants internet speed testing and

meeting contact information and directions.

These will allow you to participate in the meeting quickly and easily.

Secure and easy-to-use participant login

You can choose:

 Strong bank identification or

text message and

email based logging in with a numeric code.

Logging in is very easy and quick, and at the same time you make sure that only those entitled to vote can do so.

Voting for a wide range of purposes

Votech's voting solution enables the flawless execution of different types of elections and voting possibilities during in-person, remote and hybrid meetings. 

It also enables meetings:

early voting

voting in real time and

for a larger group, member voting

and opinion polling

We support different types of voting and elections. Voting with power of attorney is possible and results are available instantaneously.

Votech meeting and voting system


How Votech's meeting
and voting solution was born

When the pandemic broke out at the start of 2022 our founders received multiple contacts from customers who needed help with remote meetings and technical issues related to them. Holding meetings that were trustworthy and safe was important. 

During the state of emergency we helped tens of companies and organisations organise their remote and hybrid meeting and voting related to these meetings.

Here are some of our customers:

Construction Company Fira, Invesdor, Oceanvolt, Netled, The Trade Union of Education in Finland, The National Coalition Party, Centre Party, The Swedish People's Party of Finland, and the Finnish Amateur Radio League.

The idea to develop a domestic system for remote meetings and voting that is as easy to use as possible was born from customer feedback and requests, as hybrid voting in particular is here to stay.

The result of the product development was Votech.

Order a free test licence

Votech's software is now ready! Are you interested to test it in your organisation?

You will have the opportunity to test our software for two weeks for free. We will activate a free two week test license for you. We will also organise a short Teams training for your organisation so you will quickly learn how to you our software. Just click on the button and fill in your contact details NOW!

Votech´s software launch


Our Head of Marketing Miia wrote about the Artic15 event. Where we are at now, and where we're heading.