Remote or hybrid Annual General Meetings
as a full service

Annual General Meetings (AGM’s) are often expensive and difficult to organize, especially if you have a lot of shareholders. For those who live far away, traveling to the meeting location takes more time, then the actual AGM itself. With the help of Votech’s software you can organize your AGM smoothly. Elections and voting goes on without a hitch, in a safe environment, and you can choose to run your AGM remotely, hybrid or on location. Meeting participants can attend the meeting from the comfort of say their living room couch, with voice and chat rights remotely.


Using Votech’s meeting and voting software:

You save time and money

Organzing a meeting takes time. It’s also time away from your day to day job.

For in-person meetings you need to rent and space and arrange refreshments.

The further away participants come from, the more time and money is wasted.

When you organize your company's AGM utilizing Votech’s software you don’t to worry about these things. Also a hybrid AGM significantly reduces costs and saves time.

Commit your shareholders

Many growth companies, especially crowdfunded companies may have hundreds or even thousands of shareholders from around the world.

With the help of Votech’s solution, everyone can attend the AGM and participate in the decision making.
At the same time, by offering remote and hybrid AGM’s you can get them to commit more to your companies business, goals and getting them to participate in future funding rounds.

Full transparency

With Votech’s software all meeting materials are available in one place. Participants can access them easily and stay up tp date with the meeting. Voting is easy and results are immediate after voting has been closed.

Support sustainable development and participate in lowering the carbon footprint

Votech supports good corporate governance. Materials are all available, and decisions made can be seen by everyone. Meeting history is saved, and can be used for an audit later.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is very important. It means responsibility over your employees, consumers, society and our planet.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is very important. It means responsibility over your employees, consumers, society and our planet.

A responsible company organizes its AGM remotely or in hybrid form. This can also be taken into consideration in your companies ESG report.

Price from 2490 € + VAT contains everything you need.

Votech's voting system allows you to participate in a hybrid company meeting from the comfort of your home

General meetings sometimes have to be held several times a year. They take time and money. Participants may have to travel long distances to get to the meeting. Why not offer participants the option of remote participation? With Votech's turnkey solution, you can offer remote or hybrid participation to your shareholders.

Full service meeting package

Meeting page and logging in

Your companies meeting page is customised to fit your organization's brand.

The software offers safe logging in to the meeting for all those entitled to vote. Logging in requires bank identification or via email or text message.

Those entitled to vote have speaking and messaging rights ( via chat).


Election and polling can be completed with ease remotely or on site. Participants can have a different number of votes.

Counting votes is automatic and results are available after voting has been closed.

Voting with proxy is also possible.

Votech supports anonymous as well as public voting. With our solution only those entitled to vote have access to our platform, and participants can only vote once.

Streaming service

If you want Votech’s team can come in to film and stream your event on your behalf. The place of the meeting is your company's meeting room, or a location of your choice, or our company's studio in Helsinki.

We will take care of the meeting rooms equipment, personnel, required software, and back up internet connection. In addition we offer meeting organizers technical support before and during the meeting.

Votech's Herttonime office houses a studio where remote and hybrid company meetings can be easily organised