Full service remote meeting service for associations, unions and organizations

With the help of Votech’s software you can organize your organizations official meetings and elections and voting with utter ease, safely, and smoothly in person, remote or in hybrid form.

A portion of the participants can be on site, and some join in remotely, some members from other countries even.

Votech is especially good for meetings where voting is held, in addition to elections. Even though voting takes place on location, with Votech’s cloud based voting software, voting is quick, transparent and trustworthy. Results are ready immediately without the need to manually count the votes.

All meeting material is saved in one place, which is the meeting page, which participants have access to before and during the meeting.

For all participating in the meeting, regardless of your physical location, participants will have an understanding and visibility of what’s taking place during the meeting. Participants will be able to focus on what's going on in the meeting.

Votech offers streamed meetings as a full service. In the planning session we agree on the meetings procession, schedule, and specific details, after which Votech will help you hold your meeting. Votech’s full service package offers a professional way to hold yur meeting that is easy, quick and efficient.


Benefits for your organization when you use Votech’s solution

You save time and money

You don’t have to travel to meetings or rent spaces for them

Commit your meeting attendees

Eventhough there are a lot of participants, they can all participate

Full transparency

All of your participants can see what’s going on during the meeting, and voting results can be seen in real time

You abide by the laws set forth

All of your participants can see what’s going on during the meeting, and voting results can be seen in real time

Your organization supports sustainable development and participants in lowering the carbon footprint.

By using Votech’s solution your organization supports sustainable development, and you take part in lowering the carbon footprint, and in doing so, are doing your part to better the world we live in.

Corporate social responsibility belongs to everyone. It means responsibility over your employees, consumers, society and our planet.

Corporate responsibility is ethical, financial, philanthropic and taken the planet into consideration.

Votech’s annual meeting and voting package starts at €1 970 + VAT. Ask for an offer by clicking the button below and filling in your details

Voit osallistua kevät- tai syyskokoukseen omalta kotisohvalta ja äänestää tulevan kauden hallitusta helposti käyttäen Votechin kokous- ja äänestysjärjestelmää.

Full service meeting package

Remote and hybrid annual meetings

Your companies meeting page is customised to fit your organization's brand.

The software offers safe logging in to the meeting for all those entitled to vote. Logging in requires bank identification or via email or text message.

Those entitled to vote have speaking and messaging rights ( via chat).


Election and polling can be completed with ease remotely or on site. Participants can have a different number of votes.

Counting votes is automatic and results are available after voting has been closed.

Voting with proxy is also possible.

Votech supports anonymous as well as public voting. With our solution only those entitled to vote have access to our platform, and participants can only vote once.

Streaming service

If you want Votech’s team can come in to film and stream your event on your behalf. The place of the meeting is your company's meeting room, or a location of your choice, or our company's studio in Helsinki.

We will take care of the meeting rooms equipment, personnel, required software, and back up internet connection. In addition we offer meeting organizers technical support before and during the meeting.

Are you planning your organizations next annual meeting?

Time for hybrid meetings is now. Participants have gotten used to now having to always travel tens or hundreds of kilometers. Meetings are organized so that attending them remotely is a possibility. It saves time, money, everyone's energy and ensures everyone's safety.

Organizing hybrid meetings present their own technical challenges though. And they grow when there are more participants, for example hundreds or thousands, of which some are on site, and some remote.

Everyone in the meeting has the right to follow it in real time, regardless of their physical location.

The sound system, video feed, and internet connection must be of high quality, and work without interruption. Live streaming is difficult when speakers change. Hybrid voting, counting and checking votes require their own technology.

In the past few years Votech has organized countless successful hybrid and remote meetings and many training sessions for their customers. Some of our customers include,Construction Company Fira, Invesdor, Oceanvolt, Netled, The Trade Union of Education in Finland, The National Coalition Party, Centre Party, The Swedish People's Party of Finland.

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