Liittopäättäjä, suunnitteletko vuosikokousta etänä tai hybridinä?

Parhaat vinkit onnistuneeseen kokoukseen

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Julkaisimme oppaan liitoille ja muillekin järjestöille, jotka toteuttavat etä- ja hybridikokouksia. Oppaassa käymme läpi tärkeimmät vinkit, joiden avulla toteutat esimerkiksi organisaatiosi vuosikokouksen etänä tai hybridinä onnistuneesti.

In the guide we cover topics such as.

Choosing the right meeting venue

Ensuring a fast enough internet connection

Description of the event and streaming, equipment and software recommendations

How to run successful remote elections and voting

Support for meeting staff and participants


Benefits and challenges of a hybrid conference

Now there are the time for hybrid meetings. Participants are used to no longer having to travel tens or even hundreds of kilometres to the meeting venue. The possibility of remote participation saves time, energy and money and ensures the safety of participants.

However, hybrid meetings are technically challenging to implement. The challenges increase when a meeting involves tens, hundreds or even thousands of voting representatives, some of whom participate remotely and some of whom are present at the meeting venue. Participants must be able to follow and participate in the meeting on an equal footing, regardless of their physical location. The audio, video and Teams connections must be of high quality and uninterrupted. Managing the webcast is demanding when speakers change. Hybrid voting, vote counting and verification require their own commands.

In recent years, we have conducted dozens of successful hybrid and remote meetings and trainings for our clients, including Invesdor, FIRA Oy, OAJ, Martat, Psoriasis Association, Oceanwolt, Netled Oy, Amateur Radio Association, Finnish Association for the Elderly, Finnish Composers and the Finnish National Coalition of the Party of Finland.


The references are described with Kasvuraketti Oy's customers in 2020 and 2021.Kasvuraketti Oy's business, customers and experts have been transferred to Votech in August 2021.

Jouduimme siirtämään pandemian takia vuosikokoustamme muutamaan kertaan. Se kuitenkin saatiin toteutettua heinäkuussa 2021. Meille tämä oli ensimmäinen oikea virtuaalikokous. Heti alusta lähtien pääsimme Kasvuraketin asiantuntijoiden kanssa samalle aaltopituudelle. Valmistelu meni hyvin ja kokous onnistui. Voimme suositella Kasvurakettia tällaisten kokousten toteutuskumppaniksi

Markku Tuhkanen

Finnish Amateur Radio Association

We just had the annual meeting of the Helsinki Coalition Party district 2021. I was very pleased that we took the complete remote meeting service from Kasvuraket, which included not only voting, but also recording, sound and streaming the meeting online. This greatly reduced our work and stress. Everything went as planned and I was very satisfied with the service.

Topi Korpinen

Helsinki District of the Coalition Party

Book your annual meeting turnkey from €890.

With our help, the annual meeting will run smoothly, both remotely and as a hybrid. Some participants can be present at the meeting venue and others can join the meeting remotely. With Votech software, you can also easily carry out the various elections and votes related to the annual meeting, either as a hybrid or completely remotely.

A safe remote event, without risk of infection

Reduce travel time and costs (the service pays for itself in travel cost savings alone!)

Remote voting and elections allow for smooth decision-making

The calculation of results is automatic, easy and fast

No worries about technology, filming or network connections

Does not require expensive investments in equipment