Customer references

The references are described with Kasvuraketti Oy's customers in 2020 and 2021. Kasvuraketti Oy's business, customers and experts have been transferred to Votech in August 2021. At the same time, we received a reinforcement of our team as well as funding for the development and internationalisation of our own remote voting system.

Minkä vinkin antaisit muille, jotka suunnittelevat etä- tai hybriditoteutusta?

”Kannustaisin olemaan yhteydessä teihin (Votechiin) tai muihin, jotka näitä toteuttaa. Minä en ole ainakaan itse löytänyt semmosta helppoa tapaa itse sitä hoitaa.”

Jussi Tuuri

Oceanvolt Oy

What challenges did you face when planning the hybrid conference?

\”Viime in, kun crown fire, many list company said, to on practice impossible organise meeting, where Section on on the spot and Section remotely. Tai such as, where all ovat remotely. Me evidenceimme just, to it is fully possible and it acted on true fluently.\”

Victor Snellman

Finnish Share Savers Association

We just finished our first hybrid AGM, with a few shareholders in the Helsinki office and most online. Before the meeting, we thought about how everything, like voting, would work when you have shareholders in many countries. The invitations and links to the meeting arrived in good time and the instructions were really good. Everything went as planned and there was support here all the time. It felt like we were in good hands. Problem situations were dealt with immediately. We would highly recommend the service to anyone planning a hybrid or remote meeting.

Riikka Koskenohi

Invesdor Oy

Technology was a big concern when we set out to organise the first remote company meeting. The biggest concern was how we would cover all the legal issues with sufficient certainty. We have just under 170 shareholders, but the meeting went surprisingly well and smoothly without any technical problems. I would recommend Growthrakett / Votech as a partner for remote meetings.

Sanna Rosnell

Netled Oy

We just had the annual meeting of the Helsinki Coalition Party district 2021. I was very pleased that we took the complete remote meeting service from Kasvuraket, which included not only voting, but also recording, sound and streaming the meeting online. This greatly reduced our work and stress. Everything went as planned and I was very satisfied with the service.

Topi Korpinen

Helsinki District of the Coalition Party

Our situation was quite confusing, we were about to have our first ever distance annual meeting in the history of the union. We were wondering how to get all the members from Sodankylä to Helsinki to join us. We were also discussing a rule change at the meeting, so we had to be prepared for the possibility that there would be deviating proposals and we might have to vote. But now, after the meeting, it is easy to smile because everything went well. We will continue to offer the possibility of remote hybrid participation in our meetings. And we recommend Kasvurakett as a supplier.

Anni Lausvaara

Confederation for the Elderly

We had to postpone our annual meeting a few times because of the interest rate. However, we were able to hold it in July 2021. For us, this was the first real virtual meeting. Right from the start, we got on the same wavelength as the experts from the Growth Rocket. The preparation went well and the meeting was a success. We can recommend the supplier as a partner for such meetings.

Markku Tuhkanen

Finnish Amateur Radio Association