Distance and hybrid meetings and streamed seminars or training for businesses and organisations

Today's working life is demanding, work spills over into leisure time, and we are busy. Many people need more time with their families.

Votech benefits for the customer

Forget the technical worries and focus on the substance of the meeting. By purchasing a remote or hybrid meeting service from Votech, you save time and nerves. Participants avoid unnecessary travel and save time and money.

Save on travel costs

The travel and accommodation costs for meeting organisers and participants can be very high if you travel to the venue from a distance. The possibility of remote participation saves participants travel costs. 

Get more time

Time is money. Who wouldn't want to spend more time with their loved ones? For those who travel a lot for work, Votech is certainly a great way to attend a company meeting, for example. 

Forget the technical challenges

With Votech's software and meeting service, the actual meeting goes faster and more smoothly. You don't have to struggle with technical problems - if you want, we'll take care of everything for you.

Avoid technical hassles

During the pandemic, we have held dozens of corporate and annual meetings for our corporate and association clients, both fully remote and hybrid. When you get a meeting service from us, the technology works and you can focus on the content of the meeting.

Every organisation and meeting has different requirements. We plan the organisation of the meeting and voting for each meeting separately. Contact us and let's discuss together what would be the right service for your organisation.

Secure remote meeting

There is no fear of infection in a remote meeting. By holding the meeting as a hybrid, you give the participant the opportunity to decide the way they prefer to participate.

Smooth decision-making

With Votech software, you can easily conduct your annual or general meeting voting remotely or as a hybrid. We provide technical support during the meeting for both organisers and participants. 

Technology that works

Our experts will make sure your meeting is a success. Our service includes the design, implementation and technical support of a remote or hybrid meeting, as well as all the software and equipment needed for the meeting.

Annual and general meetings are nowadays best organised as a hybrid. Some prefer to come to the meeting, others prefer to participate remotely.