Votech's story

When the pandemic broke out at the start of 2022 our founders received multiple contacts from customers who needed help. During the exceptional circumstances we helped tens of companies and organisations organize remote and hybrid meetings and voting related to them. Some of our customers are Construction Company Fira, Invesdor, Oceanvolt, Netled, The Trade Union of Education in Finland, The Martha Association, The National Coalition Party, Centre Party, and the Finnish Amateur Radio League. From our customers' feedback and wishes, the idea to develop Votech was born. The desire was to create an easy to use local software to organize remote and hybrid meetings, as they had become the norm. Out of product develop, Votech was born. Votech is Votech Oy’s developed solution for remote and hybrid meetings and voting associated with them. Votech serves remote and hybrid meeting organizers with a full service offer. Jari Kaitera and Rainer Leit founded Votech in 2021. Their goal was to bring to the market the easiest to use remote and hybrid meeting solution, something that was unavailable at the time. The founders have helped leading companies and organisations in Finland hold their remote and hybrid meetings. At the same time they noticed how for many meeting organizers, organizing these types of meetings presented a challenge. There became somewhat of a burning sensation to create a better solution for their clients.

Votech's mission
”Digitalize your AGM”​

The market’s easiest to use and trustworthy meeting and voting solution. Votech’s meeting and voting solution was developed together with clients. Your meeting will run quicker, and much more smoothly. A great customer experience is the most important thing for us. We want to be a long term partner for our clients.

Votech's vision

Votech’s vision is to be the markets most progressive and easiest to use meeting and voting solution. We are agile and stay up to date in product development.

Votech’s values


Responsibility for the environment

Constant development - in all what we do

Customer centric and enabling our customers success


Our Team

Without our amazing team, there is no Votech. Each member of Votech has worked very hard to get to where we are today be it relating to software development or marketing. We want to be a fun and relaxing work environment , but more important a place of work where everyone's ideas and thought are taken into consideration. Collaboration results in success!

Jari Kaitera


-The Enabler
At Votech Jari is in charge of the companies operations, works closely with Votech's customers and handles investor relations. Jari's professional interests are growth strategies, B2B software, and good corporate convergence and control systems.
But what does Jari like to do on his time off?
Travel, listen to audiobooks, good food and wine. Jari's superpower:
Closing deals and creating growth.

Rainer Leit

CTO I Lead Architect

-The Hero
Rainer is Votech's lead architect and problem solver. There isn't a problem, large or small that Rainer can't fix.
Rainer's professional interests lie within user interface and everything related to UI, be it UX design or research related to the topic. How to continuously develop user experience?
Problem solver.
Well maybe planning and building bridges isn't possible yet!

Mika Nikkilä

Development Director

-The Brains
At Votech Mika's focus is on business development and customer service. Mika's professional interests combine a deep and broad knowledge of business that he constantly strives to deepen. Mika serves customers with the highest standard of quality.
What does Mika do when he is not busy developing Votech's business?
Mika spends his free time with his family and friends, at the gym, jogging, travelling and going to the movies and listening to music.
A huge amount of business knowledge and the thirst to learn new things.

Elar Saks

Software developer

-The Code
Elar works as a Full Stack Developer at Votech and is in charge of developing Votech's voting software. Elar's days consist of building interactive user interfaces, developing API endpoints and databases.
Elar enjoys working with a wide variety of technologies front, back, databases, it doesn’t matter.
Elar's strength is the ability to see the whole picture. Elar's end goal would be to become a software architect.
Elar spends his free time doing the same things he does for a living. You could say that his work is his way of life.
Occasionally he might go for a jog or go to the gym.
Elar's superpower is to turn coffee into computer code.

Miia Hiltunen

Head of Marketing I Head of People

-The Heart
Miia heads up marketing and HR at Votech. A functioning team and employee wellbeing are very important to Miia professionally and personally. Managing stress and detecting burnout are key to Miia. Her professional interests lie in digital marketing (with over 15 years experience!) and if she could name on of her guru's, it would be Neil Patel. Miia spends her free time with her children. Not forgetting her love to travel, especially to warm countries with lots of palm trees!
Miia's superpower can be found in the kitchen where she is usually cooking up a storm for her friends and family.

Riikka Ikonen

Head of Customer Relationships

-The Deal
Riikka is in charge of sales at Votech, and making sure customers are offered the best solution to fit their specific needs. Her professional interests are continuous learning and deeper understanding of different business models, cultures and customer oriented approaches.
In her spare time, Riikka likes to travel and spend time with her friends.
Seeing the bigger pictures and understanding customers needs.

Axel Kaaro

Development Specialist

-The Analyst
Axel works as a development specialist at Votech and studies Finance at Hanken University. Axel's professional interests are technology, analysis and finance. In his spare time Axel likes downhill skiing, playing video games and enjoys the nature.
Detecting problems before they become actual problems.

Vilma Valtonen


-The Explorer
Vilma works at Votech as a consultant part-time, when she is not working on her own e-commerce business. Vilma has a tech background and her professional interests lie in marketing, technology, as well as data and using data for growth. In her spare time Vilma like to play sports, travel and spends hours on end on Pinterest. Superpower
Scaling businesses (and memes)!


The Magic

We are constantly on the lookout for talent. You can send an open application to
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